Christ Reformed United Church of Christ


The early history of Christ Reformed UCC might be traced to a congregation that gathered north of Chewsville which became Beards Church. Many believe a nucleus from this church founded Christ Reformed.

Usually a church has a nucleus of members before it builds a building, but Christ Reformed chose to build the building first. In a vote to determine the site of the building, Cavetown won over Smithsburg by one vote. The first meeting appears to have occurred November 11, 1826 with the Rev. Henry Kroh the founding pastor. The church building was built by Jacob Tanner for a cost of $2,000.

On June 27, 1827, a cornerstone was installed and the name Christ Reformed was engraved upon it this is the first mention of the name of the congregation. The church was consecrated on August 11, 1828.

The Sunday School was established on July 30, 1828. On November 24, 1828 a consistory was formed. Up to that time, a vestry seems to have been in charge. The first communion was held November 23, 1828 and presided over by Rev. J. Casper Bucher. Fifty-nine people communed.

On June 26, 1934, the Evangelical Synod of North America and the Reformed Church of the United States merged to form the Evangelical and Reformed Church.

The parish hall was built in 1947 and dedicated on October 17, 1948. During a special service on September 30, 1951, the notes of indebtedness were burned.

In 1957, the Evangelical and Reformed Church united with the Congregational Christian Church and became the United Church of Christ. In 1964, Christ Reformed UCC became part of the Central Atlantic Conference of the United Church of Christ.